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A special videoprogramme for Transvaal: OpTV (On TV)

Artists: Klaas van Gorkum (Delft, 1975) en Iratxe Jaio (Bilbao, Baskenland, 1975)

Date: 22 mei 2004

On TV was the local video programme Klaas van Gorkum and Iratxe Jaio put together for the residents of Transvaal. This experimental programme was shown from the Jack, external unit, the fa├žade project by Michael Voet and Jeroen Bisscheroux. On TV dealt with social issues like urban renewal, social control and territorial issues that were incorporated into the programme in a creative way. Through the programme both filmmakers wanted to connect to issues and developments taking place in the area, and for that reason invited not only artists but also residents to send in material. The first video recordings for On TV were done during the Block Party at the House-plants. In On TV's open-air-studio, maps of Transvaal, The Hague and the world were available. In answer to the question: 'Where are you from and where are you going?' visitors drew the route they had taken as a micro journey on the map. Sometimes it concerned a long voyage from Nigeria to The Hague, in other instances it was about the short distance between the Hobbemaplein and the Joubertplantsoen. The drawings and conversations were recorded on videotape and included in the programme.

In collaboration with: Transvaal residents

Open air studio: during the Block Party

Location: Joubertplantsoen, Transvaal