Annechien Meier


Annechien Meier (Noordwijk, 1970) studied drawing and painting at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (1988- 1992); subsequently, she attended the senior secondary teacher training college in Utrecht (1996-1997). In The Hague she founded the association Vereniging Stand and Projectruimte Meier van Eijsinga (1991-2001). In her work Annechien Meier focuses on communication between people in urban or landscape environments. Through her installations she explores landscape and urban communities and investigates how people live there. With these installations or projects, designed for a specific location and made of sustainable materials, she tries to rouse people's curiosity and interact with visitors, resulting in a greater awareness of the location or environment in question.

Since 2001 Meier has occupied herself with gardens and allotments. Gardens reflect views and values of a culture, time or place. Many people would like to have an allotment. While the demand for allotments is increasing, the future of many allotments is uncertain. Due to the growth of urban areas more and more allotment complexes are about to be replaced or closed down. Allotments should get new functions as publicly accessible green areas within new spatial planning. Because of the growing demand among citizens for a garden, an allotment or public green areas the idea of a 'mobile allotment' occurred to Meier, a movable giant flower box with sufficient space for vegetable beds and a garden house. The mobile garden can be placed in public locations in the city, near a school or an old people's home. The mobile gardens show citizens, municipality and housing corporations the importance of permanent allotments and school gardens in the city.

Since 2009 Meier has conducted research, on the national and international level, into concrete examples of smallscale agricultural projects in an urban environment that were realized in a sustainable, cradle-to-cradle manner and where the cultivation of vegetables is the main activity.

Annechien Meier was together wirh Sabrina Lindemann the daily director from 2002 to 2007.