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Project: Nederland leeft met sloop

(The Netherlands Lives With Demolition)

Artist: Tilmann Meyer-Faje (Oldenburg, Duitsland, 1971)

Period: 10 June to 4 July 2004

Visual artist Meyer-Faje observes the commercialization of house-building and investigates the language property developers use to communicate with the market. His interest extends to the technical jargon of urban developers in areas of urban renewal. How do these professionals present their plans, and how do the plans relate to reality? His original plan included a real estate agent's office in the centre of The Hague which would deal in demolished houses all over Europe. Data about the latest condemned houses would be saved in a database. His plan also included an advertising campaign on billboards with canvassing texts and photos of happy Dutch people contentedly approving the large scale demolition activities. After consultation with OpTrek, Meyer-Faje decided to abandon the real estate agent's office in the city because he was not likely to reach people from Transvaal there. Moreover, he decided to put up real estate signs instead of billboards and limited his campaign to the Fischerstraat where he was present with an information stand for three weeks.


In collaboration with: Niels van Beek, Yusif, De Theetuin, Transvaal residents

Location: Fischerstraat

Video registration: Carolina Feix

Opening: 9 June 2004

Speaker: Albert Wulffers

Music: 'Eigen Hulp' street and battle orchestra