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Wat we van China weten Ahmet Polat Onherstelbaar verbeterd Meerdere kunstenaars,van24 mei tot 15 september 2003 gevelprojectenknop
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The art projects organized by OpTrek mainly take place in the public space of Transvaal. They are quite diverse in character and acquire their form and contents through the artists' personal views on the events in the district. OpTrek is going to cooperate primarily with artists who feel attracted to the subject of urban development and who are willing to work in a social context. First and foremost the residents of Transvaal are the public of the projects; OpTrek will involve them in their activities.


Since OpTrek does not run an exposition space of its own, the most suitable presentation method for each project is looked for. Most projects will take place in the public space of Transvaal.

Participating artists and architects: