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Lecture: WochenKlausur

by artists: Wolfgang Zinggl and Martina Reuter

Datum: 18 maart 2004


The artists' group WochenKlausur (literally: 'weeks in isolation') has been creating art projects in public space outside the seclusion of the museum for the past ten years. Invited by OpTrek, WochenKlausur visited The Hague where the group introduced itself in Transvaal with a lecture. During meetings with several of the people involved, they presented their working method for discussion. During a workshop attended by invited experts and other interested guests were invited, WochenKlausur developed its plans for a project in the area.

WochenKlausur's artists are internationally known for their special, socially committed art projects, the main reason for OpTrek to invite them to come to Transvaal. WochenKlausur's working method includes the development in situ of small, concrete interventions to compensate for local social shortcomings. An interesting example of their method is a project commissioned by the Wiener Secession (1993). This project provided free medical care for the homeless by way of a special bus that drove through the city. Another initiative of the group took place during the Venice Biennial in 1999 where they organized language schools for Balkan refugees from Macedonia and Kosovo. A third example is their collaboration with three Japanese artists - Fuji Hiroshi, Aiko and Yuko Kirino and the Museum City Project (MCP) in Tokyo (2000). Together with the three artists, WochenKlausur created an educational programme at the Gohushu primary schools in Fukuoka which drew attention to practical aspects of learning. To that end they organized projects called Learning through seeing, including the construction of a playground in collaboration with a gardener, the design of a website with the help of experts and a guide of the area for teenagers.

Think tank: Neeltje Dijkstra, Veronica Hekking, Arne Hendriks, Iris de Kievit, Jan Körbes, Leontine Lieffering, Sabrina Lindemann, Annechien Meier, Martina Reuter, Wolfgang Zinggl

Locations: OpTrek office, Langnekstraat 67; discussions at The Hague City Council and various community organizations in Transvaal

Lecture: Wolfgang Zinggl, Martina Reuter, Sabrina Lindemann and Annechien Meier

Moderator: Arne Hendriks

Location: Transvaal community and service centre, Scheepersstaat 54

Date: 19 March 2004

Video registration: Jessica Muller