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Façade project: Segment XVII, 'Patrimonium' 

by artists: Dijkman/Osterholt

Period: October 14, 2004 through January 2005

In the shopping streets of the multi-ethnic district of Transvaal, the many light boxes and billboards with exotic ads immediately catch the eye. They stand in sharp contrast to the proverbs cast into ceramics or hewn in stone that embellish the gates and walls of the housing estates. These Christian texts were installed throughout the area at the beginning of the last century by the housing corporation Patrimonium. In the colourful environment of present-day Transvaal they hardly attract attention anymore. Artists Marjolijn Dijkman and Wouter Osterholt created a façade project for OpTrek in which these edifying messages played the principal part. With a proverb like 'Carry each others' loads,' the corporation addressed the incoming residents. In the compartmentalized Netherlands they lived in at that time, people living in different streets were isolated from one another. Old and new, familiar and exotic, converge in the project Segment XVII 'Patrimonium'. The artists collected texts they found in the area and 're-designed' them with illustrative elements from contemporary façade advertisements in Transvaal. This resulted in an installation of light boxes in which the proverbs were combined with figures and motives derived from other cultures, attached to the exterior wall of the mobile project office. On the wall, these texts became visible one final time before the original carriers, the houses and gate, were  demolished and lost forever. The artists regarded this work as a 'monument' for a disappearing historical practice, brought together and merged with the diversity of contemporary cultural expressions.


Location: at the corner of 548 De la Reyweg and Vrijstaathof, The Hague

In samenwerking met: Vincent van der Voort, Battal Kurt, Dylan Raymond Morris, Simon van Kraay, sociaal eetcafé 'In den Vettuh Réigâh'

Periode: 14 oktober 2004 t/m maart 2005

Opening: 13 oktober 2004

Spreker: Michael van Hoogenhuyzen

Muziek: koor van kerk- en buurthuis de Paardenberg