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Since 2002 OpTrek has organized and initiated temporary art projects in The Hague district Transvaal. Multidisciplinary artists from home and abroad are invited by OpTrek. They can make use of a temporary guest studio in the district and thus develop and execute their ideas in direct contact with the neighbourhood. The mobile planning office does not run an exposition space of its own. The projects take place in the public space of the district..

OpTrek feels involved in the extensive social and spatial transformation processes this multi-ethnic district is to undergo these coming years and the consequences of this for the neighbourhood and its residents. With the projects OpTrek is going to take a close look at the events in the district, the underlying policy and personal narratives of residents.

With its various activities OpTrek contributes to the general discourse on the future development of urban space and the question what role artists can play in this process. OpTrek considers itself a ‘witness’ reflecting the local, complex situation and placing it in a wider context; as a commentator of the process and initiator of new urban strategies.

The mobile project office is established in a house already left by its residents. When the premises are demolished, OpTrek will move along with the demolition and is therefore going to move regularly. The project space of OpTrek, and consequently its establishment and position in the district, serves as an operating base for the artists and the organization: a breeding ground for research, organization, coordination, execution, experiment, negotiation, but also for meeting, discussion and reflection.

From 2002 to the summer of 2007 OpTrek was organized by the artists Sabrina Lindemann and Annechien Meier. Since the summer of 2007 Sabrina Lindemann is the day-to-day project manager. 


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